Lotus Lake & Dragon and Tiger Pagodas (蓮池潭龍虎塔) | Kaohsiung

At that time, it was rainy season in Kaohsiung and thankfully the rain stopped when we arrived Lotus Lake in Zuoying District in Kaohsiung City. This is also where the mighty Dragon and Tiger pagodas located at. 

lotus lake

It wasn't lotus flower season at that time, hence you don't see lotus flower blooming around the lake. It would be such a beautiful view with lotus flowers blooming!

As you can see, there's a Dragon Tower and Tiger Tower here. The temple was built in 1976 and the seven story tower features yellow walls, red pillar and orange tiles. The front connects to the shore with a bridge. There are paintings inside the temple depicting Ksitigarbha and also paintings of twelve Magi and the Jade Emperor's thirty palaces as well as paintings of Confucius at the Tiger Tower.

spring and autumn pavilions

5-mile pavilion and pei chi pavilion

From the towers, you can easily spotted the Spring and Autumn Pavilions, 5-mile Pavilion and also the Pei Chi Pavilion. This is also a place where you can learn about the traditional culture of  locals in Kaohsiung. 


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