Joy Well Cake Shop 中外餅舖 | Kaohsiung

Hey guys!

As you can see from the itinerary, we spent the our Day 4 in Kaohsiung was loaded with fun activities! One of the fun activities - DIY session at Joy Well Cake Shop

Joy Well Cake Shop 中外餅舖, founded in 1925, is located just 10-min walks away from the Dragon and Tiger Pagodas. This is one of the famous bakery shops in Kaohsiung where you can find all sorts of Taiwan pastries, biscuits and delicacies, that you can bring home as souvenirs. They are known for their using only natural ingredients without any preservatives for all their pastries. Just so you know that Joy Well Cake Shop is run as a social enterprise giving employment to people with disabilities. 

For the DIY session, we get to learn how to make their signature Chess Biscuit (棋餅). It is the mung bean paste cake with the Chinese Chess pieces shaped-like. Trust me, it's really NOT easy to make the perfect chess biscuit! It requires patience and certain technique from rolling the paste into the right consistency to placing it to mold to taking it out perfectly from the Chinese chess mold, to packaging. It was a fun activity where we could learn the process and of course, tasting the yummy Chess Biscuit too! They are sweet, but not greasy, simply yums!

i am satisfied with my hard work here! :p

Apart from the DIY session, we also given some time to enjoy shopping for souvenirs here! They have so many types of delicacies ranging from the Chess Biscuits, pineapple tarts, custard sticks, breads, nougat, and many more! You can view the list HERE

Joy Well Cake Shop 中外餅舖


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